X-Mas FAQs

Here are some common questions about our Christmas Dream.
Is the Christmas Show Compulsory?
Participation in The Christmas Show is completely by choice of the athlete. It is a non-compulsory event. We encourage all of our athletes at every level to take part in it because it is a lot of fun, it’s very festive and kids have a great peer-group experience when they come together to be part of the event.
My children train at Tanglin, why isn’t the Tanglin Show performed at Tanglin?
We would love to host show performances at our school facilities but our school facilities don’t have the capacity to have a seated audience large enough to cater to all of our parents. Gym space and equipment are also factors when putting together a whole program performance. The Yard Jurong is able to accomodate a large audience in addition to having large enough equipment to accommodate more performers simultaneously, which help to manage the length of each session. We know your time is precious at this time of the year!
Last year was a nightmare with performance wear and ticket collection (let’s be honest). Will we experience the same again?
Our online ticketing system should make things a lot smoother and easier. You have your tickets instantly upon purchase which can be scanned on the day directly from your phone or a printable.

It is important that all performance wear orders are submitted before the registration deadline. Leotards are manufactured in the U.S (the best quality garments for the cost), thus late registration will cause delays. For this reason we will not be processing any leotard order after Friday 2nd November 2018.

My child trains at two different locations. How do I register?
Children at 2 different locations will be invited to participate in two different sessions (based on their training location). Please register for participation tickets for each session individually.
Do I need to buy spectator tickets for each different session if my child is participating in multiple sessions?
You only need to buy spectator tickets for 1 session. If your child is participating in multiple sessions please email the program manager on your invitation to request FREE guestlist for the other session(s).
I have family in town over the weekend, what is the maximum number of tickets I can purchase?
Prior to the registration deadline the maximum number of spectator tickets per family is 3. After the registration deadline we will release any additional tickets we have available in each session once we know all of our participants have tickets allocated to family members.
Can I purchase tickets on the day?
Yes you can if there is availability and the session isn’t sold out. Tickets sold on the day are based on a first come first serve basis and cannot be booked beforehand.
Can I purchase tickets for a session that my child isn’t participating in?
Absolutely! We always encourage our young aspiring young athletes to come and be inspired by our Competitive Squad Session. It’s full of high energy routines, guest performances from professional athletes and features an amazing visual showcase of a gymnast’s evolution across age and level. You will need to purchase additional spectator tickets for these sessions if your child isn’t a performer in them.
My Child is nervous about performing in front of a big audience. Should she/he still register?
It’s important to understand that our Christmas Shows are all about showcasing all the hard work and effort your children have dedicated to the sport in a fun and non-pressured setting. For our recreational athletes it’s an opportunity to show family and friends what they have been working on (not all facilities have a viewing gallery to see this regularly). For our competitive athletes it’s a great opportunity to perform new skills and choreography in groups outside of what is normally a high-pressure competitive atmosphere. In additional to coming together with other talented athletes across our programs.

FUN! Is the main goal, with a sprinkle of Christmas spirit.

My child wants to perform in this year’s show but she has another commitment at the same time as her session. What can we do?
Each of our sessions are structured very similarly, if we have availability in another session we can register them to perform in an alternative session providing we have the same program performing and availability. Location specific-programs such as Freestyle and Trampolining may have limited options to participating in other sessions.
Does my child have to wear the performance leotard?
We have the option for our athletes to wear either the leotard or the performance t-shirt to suit preference and meet both ends of the budget. Boys typically wear the performance T-shirt with their own black shorts. Girls wear either the performance leotard or t-shirt with black gym shorts. We understand it’s an expensive time of the year and have done our best to work with suppliers to keep the costs as low as possible.
My Child is a competitive Squad gymnast. Does she need to purchase any performance wear?
No, all competitive gymnasts will be performing in their competitive squad leotards. There is no need to purchase the performance leotards unless you are looking to take advantage of the low prices. If you need a new competitive leotard please contact you program managers place an order.
Will my child need to come to extra training to practise their routines?
All choreography is derived from our training curriculums in our classes, your children may not realise that they have been working on all the skills they will be using in their performance during classes. Over the weeks leading up to the Show Day, classes will have a portion of time dedicated to choreography whilst still maintaining their curriculum skill training.
What will my child be learning in classes if she/he is unable to perform on the day?
Performance is a big part of gymnastics for both recreational and competitive program. Regardless of your child’s participation in the Show learning to memorise routines and choreography is an important skill to be developed and perfected throughout all gymnast’s development. All children in classes will be spending time on putting these routines together.
Is there a rehearsal before the Show Day itself?
There will be a full show rehearsal day the weekend of the 24th & 25th November 2018. Schedules for this are still to be confirmed.

Saturday 24th - Session C, D

Sunday 25th - Session A, B & Competitive

All participating athletes are required to come to the rehearsal so they understand the structure of the performance, know when they are performing, who will be where and on what equipment. It helps to familiarise themselves with the performance venue and equipment.

If I miss / cannot make the session that I have paid for, can I refund my tickets?

No refunds will be given for unused tickets. Once purchases have been made they are final. This is consistent with our refund policy stated in our membership terms and conditions.