Think you’ve got what it takes to be a competitive gymnast? Want to be part of a trailblazing team? Book an assessment for The Yard’s Competitive Squads. 

Overview: The Yard offers one of the top performing Women's Artistics Gymnastics Programs in the country. Delivering high quality programming across the full spectrum of development, from entry level Development Squads to High Performance elite squads. The Yard’s impressive results come from a coaching philosophy deeply rooted  in building positive learning environments for athletes whilst adopting the most current scientifically focused technical coaching practices. The Yard is also leading the way in college scholarship pathways to iy league schools all over the world.

The Yard is very proud to have such an accomplished team of international competitive coaching experts delivering a truly unique training program to our athletes, bringing a global perspective to how we coach, how we plan the phases of development and how we compete. A truly unique training experience in Singapore!

No competitive experience is required for development trials. Please indicate your child's competitive experience if any. This is a fun and positive trial environment delivered by our team of friendly coaching experts. Gymnasts will be assessed on their strength, fitness, basic understanding of acrobatic skills relevant to their experience. In addition to the physical we’re looking for great work ethics and willingness to try new things. 

If you have any enquiries you may email us at or call us at +65 6816 8022.

The Yard Jurong: 10 Science Centre Road, #01-03, Singapore 609079

The Yard Dempsey: 72 Loewen Road, #01-07, Singapore 248848


The Yard Development Squads are where gymnasts start their competitive journeys. Introduced to the pace and style of competitive training, children will be prepared for novice level competition. From more advanced skill development, routine preparation and focus on performance, children will be given the opportunity to participate in various competitions both locally and internationally. Development Squad places are by invitation or selection only and are 2 X 2 Hour Training Sessions Per Week.


The Yard's Junior Squads Program takes young aspiring gymnasts from entry level development at level 3 ALP or equivalent through to level 6. The Junior Squads program is split into 4 training categories supporting athletes at the very start of their competititive training journey through to gymnasts on track for a future in High Performance Squads. All junior squad programs are based on a commitment of 3 training days per week. As gymnasts prograss to higher skill sets the duration of those 3 training sessions increase accordingly reaching 12 hours weekly when athletes are moving towards competing at level 5 and 6. Programming is strongly centred on building a strong foundation if physical preparation, fitness, confidence, gymnastics shapes required for the performance of the fundamental skill-sets of levels 3-6. During these levels it is essential to set the foundation to ensure that no athlete experiences barriers for further progression to higher level skill acquisition and performance.


The Yard's GymStars Program is designed to offer a broad-based, affordable competitive experience outside the traditional High Performance Pathway on reduced hours. This allows for individual flexibility for athletes to manage training at a competitive level alongside additional extra curricular activities. The program allows gymnasts to advance at her own pace, compete the ALP levels at local and international competitions and act as a pathway to The Squad Program if and when athletes are ready for more commitment. This is the perfect program for athletes who love gymnastics and love other sports or activities too, schedules run later to allow for sports fixtures or other activties to be done prior to their training, and all training schedules run during the week keeping weekends free for other activities. Limited hours programs run as 2.5hr training sessions either Two times a week for Juniors (Levels 2-4) and 3 times a week for Seniors (Levels 5+).


The Yard's Senior Squad programs are for gymnasts looking to commit a minimum of 16 hours of weekly training with a minimum skill-set of level 6 (or equivalent) and above. Athletes in our senior training squads compete under the local Singapore Gymnatics Levels and the Australian Levels Program representing the club at competitions both locally and internationally. Athletes benefit from highly tailored, technique-focused periodised training programs tailored to the individual needs of each athlete in our squads. Working to accellerate development where they have strengths whilst continuing to build and solidify the core fundamentals for all-around success in the sport.


The Yard's High Performance pathway is training program focused on elite competitive gymnastics development Levels 7-10 and FIG. The Yard works with athletes using the local Singapore Gymnastics Levels, the regionally recognised Australian Levels Program and FIG. With a community of athletes from both Singapore and around the world The Yard is proud to offer the higest quality training programs in the country, delivered by our team expert international coaches. The Yard's High Performance squads are for athletes looking to follow a development program preparing them for national and international representation at and elite level. Our training programs support our local gymnasts for Singapore's National Team requiremnets and also work with our international gymnasts working together with their native federations whilst also creating opportunities for college gymnastics careers. These are highly commited squads, minimum training requirements are 20 hrs weekly with a minimum skill-set of Level 7 ALP or equivalent.


Here at the Yard we pride ourselves on the strides we are making to help open doors of opportunity in this sport to athletes that may not normally have them. It is with full confidence that we can say we have the strongest WAG program on the island that supports development for high quality gymnastics from the ground up.

This is largely due to our focus on scientific technical training principles and bringing our athletes a global perspective to the sport, through our international team of experts. We search the globe to find coaches who share our passion for gymnastics and philosophy for creating positive learning through sport with the experience of working in strong gymnastics nations.