As children grow out of their toddler phase, they naturally become more active, showing a keen interest in running, jumping, and exploring their surroundings.

Gymnastics camps are a fantastic option to help children channel their energy and develop physical skills in a fun yet structured environment. Plus, you can get them out of the house during school holidays!

But what is the best age for gymnastics day camp, how old do you have to be to excel at camp, and how long are gymnastics summer camps usually? Read on to find out.

What Are the Benefits of Sending Children to Gymnastics Day Camps?

Benefits of recreational gymnastics for kids include enhanced physical abilities, improved coordination, improved fine motor control and dexterity, and enhanced self-esteem. Additionally, these camps encourage social interaction, allowing children to make new friends and learn the importance of teamwork.

Likewise, participating in a gymnastics camp can significantly boost a child's confidence. As they master new skills and overcome challenges, they gain a sense of achievement that translates to other areas of their lives. Furthermore, gymnastics helps develop discipline and perseverance, as children learn that practice and effort lead to improvement.

So what is the best age for gymnastics day camp?

As for how old are kids when they first go to gymnastics camp, many summer camps in Singapore (including ours) start from as young as age three. Though it may sound early, three years old is an ideal age for several reasons:

  • Their motor skills have typically progressed beyond the early walking stage and they’re itching to move around more.
  • They’re usually showing curiosity in new environments, people, and situations, making it the perfect time to introduce them to new things.
  • Their energy levels are off the charts! So why not enrol them in a camp that lets them burn some of it off?
  • They crave structure and routine, which they’ll be sure to get in a day camp setting.

Gymnastics camps are usually organised by age, allowing parents to select an age-appropriate camp and ensure their child has a suitable and enriching experience.

The Yard’s Gymnastics Day Camps for Kids Age 3+ in Singapore

Our gymnastics day camp programmes are 5 days long, which is just enough time to introduce kids to the basics of gymnastics without getting too bored. Should they feel an interest in gymnastics after camp finishes, they’re welcome to enrol in freestyle gymnastics or explore our dedicated gymnastics classes for kids!

Ages 3-4: Camp Programmes to Learn Fundamental Movements

For children aged 3-4, our Kindertots gymnastics holiday camp focuses on teaching basic movements essential for motor development. The syllabus is specifically designed to meet the acrobatic and gross motor needs of young children, introducing them to the fun (and fundamentals!) of gymnastics. The programme guides young athletes through basic gymnastics techniques, movement patterns, and social skills development across various apparatus. While the structured environment helps children develop coordination, balance, and confidence in a supportive setting.

Kindertots Camps

  • Locations: Dempsey and Bukit Timah
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Age Group: 3-4 years

Ages 5-10: Camps That Encourage Movement Exploration

For 5-10 year olds, our Ninja and Gymnastics Camps focus on more advanced skills such as strength, agility, and coordination to provide a comprehensive and exciting experience.

Inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement, the Ninja Camp teaches children a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques, ensuring a challenging and fun experience.

Ninja Camp

  • Locations: Dempsey and Bukit Timah
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Age Group: 5-11 years

Designed for all gymnastics lovers, from beginners to recreational pros, our Gymnastics Camp takes children through fundamental acrobatic skills, strength, and fitness routines. Campers build confidence across all acrobatic apparatus, including proficiency on the trampoline, and are grouped by age, ability, and experience to ensure they are continually challenged and learning with their peers.

Gymnastics Camp

  • Locations: Dempsey and Bukit Timah
  • Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 12 PM
  • Age Group: 5-10 years

Ages 10 and Above: Day Camps for Advanced Movements

For children aged 10 and above, gymnastics day camps offer advanced training that combines different disciplines to further develop strength and skills. Camp for this age group should encourage vigorous movement and continuous learning, while providing a constructive environment for older children to refine their skills and take on more complex routines. The advanced training helps them stay engaged and challenged, promoting both physical and mental growth.

What Are Some Common Concerns About Sending Children to Gymnastics Day Camp?

Parents may have concerns about their child being too young to handle the rigours of a gymnastics camp. However, The Yard’s camps are designed with age-appropriate activities that ensure children are engaged and comfortable. Our coaches are likewise trained to provide a supportive environment for all ages, focusing on the safety and well-being of all participants.

Another common concern is whether the child will enjoy the camp experience. Rest assured, gymnastics holiday camps are structured to be fun and inclusive! Each day’s programme contains a variety of activities that cater to different interests and skill levels so that there’s something for everyone. Children are encouraged to try new things and make friends, creating a positive and memorable experience.

If you’re considering signing your kid up for gymnastics camp, here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • Qualified Coaches: Ensure the camp employs experienced and certified coaches who can provide proper instruction and ensure safety.
  • Safety Measures: Check that the camp has robust safety protocols, including proper equipment, first aid availability, and supervised activities.
  • Facilities: Visit the camp facilities if possible. Look for clean, well-maintained spaces with appropriate gymnastics apparatus. A good camp should have a variety of equipment to keep children engaged and challenged.
  • Programme Structure: Review the camp's daily schedule and activities. A well-structured programme should balance skill development with fun and rest periods.

By considering these factors, you can select a gymnastics camp that will provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience for your child.

Preparing Your Child for Gymnastics Camp

Once you’ve signed your kid up for gymnastics camp, proper preparation is key to ensuring they have a positive experience. Here are some practical tips to get ready:

  • Dress in Comfortable Clothing: Pack breathable, flexible clothing suitable for physical activity. Avoid loose items that could get caught in equipment.
  • Always Have a Water Bottle: Even though your child will be indoors for the camp, they’ll be running around and moving a lot so it’s important to keep them hydrated.
  • Include Healthy Snacks: Provide nutritious snacks to keep your child’s energy levels up throughout the day. Do check with the camp provider ahead of time on rules regarding snacks, ingredients, allergies, or dietary requirements.
  • Prepare with Personal Hygiene Items: Include items such as a towel, hand sanitiser, and a change of clothes. Even though the camp isn’t overnight it’ll allow your child to change into more comfortable, dry clothes if they want to.
  • Set Expectations Early: Discuss the camp schedule and activities with your child beforehand. Explain what they can expect each day, including the types of exercises and games they will participate in. This can help reduce anxiety and build excitement.
  • Ensure Physical Readiness: Ensure your child is physically prepared for camp. This might include practising basic gymnastics moves at home or engaging in regular physical activity to build stamina.
  • Build Excitement and Mental Preparation: Talk to your child about the fun aspects of gymnastics camp. Highlight opportunities to make new friends, learn exciting skills, and have fun. Encourage a positive mindset and address any concerns they might have. Building excitement can make the transition to camp smoother and more enjoyable.

By following these preparation tips, you can help your child feel ready and excited for their gymnastics holiday camp experience.

Choosing the right age for a gymnastics camp depends on the child's readiness and interests. There is no single "best age"; instead, parents should select camps that are age-appropriate and aligned with their child's development stage. The Yard offers a range of camps designed to cater to different age groups and skill levels, ensuring every child has a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Get in touch with us to explore the various gymnastics camps available in Singapore and find the perfect fit for your child's journey in gymnastics.