Healthcode FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about how we're handling the Covid-19 situation.

Are we disinfecting the gym regularly?

We have stepped up all our policies and procedures around cleaning following early government advice and have all of the following processes in place at both of our locations. 

  • The gyms are cleaned daily, including all the gym space, reception areas, offices, waiting rooms and bathrooms, this is all done with disinfectant cleaning materials.
  • All gym floors are vacuumed with specialist equipment to remove all dirt, dust and possible mites out of all of the carpet and they are hovered daily to prevent any accumulation of dirt (Gym carpeted mats cannot be steamed or washed with water.)
  • Gym equipment is getting sterile clean regularly, with coaches cleaning during sessions with disinfectant where possible.
  • Our FOH teams are ensuring that all frequently used surfaces are receiving an additional wipe down with antiseptic especially in our busier areas.

In addition, we have increased measures around temperature checking for all children and visitors and are checking recent and future travel plans of all participants and their families. Additionally, all our staff are undergoing temperature checks twice a day.

Why can't we freeze our membership given the current Coronavirus outbreak?

Across both of our gym locations and our school programs we have implemented a comprehensive set of procedures in order to minimise the risk to our program participants and The Yard community. This covers:

  • temperature checking.
  • enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices.
  • travel history monitoring for all athletes and staff.
  • staggered activities during class times to minimise contact. 

We have made every endeavour to make it safe for your children to come in for their classes, continue to be active and to stay fit and healthy. We feel it is important for them to continue with physical exercise as part of everyone’s ongoing efforts to deal with the recent outbreak. As such we are not offering class freezes and our gyms are still open. We are happy to discuss make ups for classes that you choose to miss where this is possible, however there are no membership freezes.

I am taking precautionary measures of our own to avoid possible contact with affected or sick individuals, can The Yard house credit/refund the amount for the classes we are going to miss in this case until the coronavirus isn’t contained properly?

Response as above for all the measures we are taking, and how the gym is still operating.


All of the precautions that we have put in place are in line with the Government’s recommendations on how best to respond to the recent outbreak and we are monitoring the situation daily, as most families in Singapore will be. Should the situation worsen and corresponding advice change, then we will adapt our measures accordingly. For now, we will work with you to find suitable make up spots, however no classes will be credited should you choose not to attend due to the virus. As we are not considered a mass gathering under government guidance our classes will continue to operate under our new precautionary measures.

What happens if a child comes to the gym without completing the travel declaration?

At this point the vast majority of families have completed their travel declarations. However, any child who comes to the gym without a travel declaration form will not be allowed entry. Their parents will be contacted to provide one immediately or collect the child from the gym. Athletes without travel declarations will not be allowed to attend classes until one is submitted.

Can children wear masks to the Gym?
All children must wear a mask when on our premises. It is the law and if not comply with the rule, we have the right to refuse entry. 
During our sessions children can remove the mask as it is not compulsory during physical activity. The mask can be removed when the session starts and the mask must be worn again straight after the session ends.
If your child is ill, then please do not send them to the gym, even if wearing a mask. 
What cleaning precautions have you taken?

We have undertaken a detailed review of our cleaning processes and made significant changes which we put in place from the initial stages of the virus outbreak. 

We have increased our regular cleaning rounds and contact cleaning of regularly used surfaces (e.g., doors, counter tops, mats). Hand sanitizer locations have been increased throughout the gym facilities and public areas. Within the gym area we now have disinfectant supplies at multiple apparatus rotation areas for coaches to do additional wipe-downs when needed.


Posters with hygiene information have been placed around the gym to remind athletes and parents of the current risk and most appropriate measure they need to take

Other than the guidelines provided by MOH, is The Yard taking any extra precaution given the fact that the business is dependent on children and that they are part of the vulnerable group?

We are encouraging children to wash their hands before class, we are refusing entry to class if they have any signs of illness, we have minimized contact with other groups in the gym through staggered timing and dismissing children by class and not on mass. We also ask that parents reduce their time waiting in the gym and if possible do a drop off and pick up for classes.

Are you minimizing visitor count?

We have asked Parents to drop their child if possible and are ensuring all visitors are health checked upon entry to the gym. For those visitors that are required to stay we will move them to the lounge to minimize numbers in the reception area.

What measures are we taking to tackle the Virus?

As of now we are fully compliant with all of the government recommended health precautions and regulations and as we are not considered a large group activity classes are proceeding as normal. Large group activities are typically based on groups sizes of 100 plus people. As a whole our facilities service less than half that number at any one time. 

Our community's health and safety is our primary focus, in light of this we are putting additional measures in place to further reduce the contact of individuals coming into the gym, as well as the children within their classes. 

  • We have staggered the process for the beginning of classes, once all temperatures have been checked and recorded. 
  • Coaches are ensuring that water breaks occur separately as well as the dismissal of classes. 
  • We have also recommended that parents reduce the time they and other guests spend onsite at the gyms, and where possible do a drop off and pick up only.

Our class groups remain on a 1 to 6 or a 1 to 8 ratio with coaches which we have always had in place. With regards to cleaning we have increased our general cleaning with additional disinfecting of all areas, including the gym equipment, reception areas and waiting rooms at both locations. This is done on a daily basis with additional cleaning equipment at the stations across the gym for cleaning in between classes where possible. In line with most schools we continue to take everyone's temperatures and all travel declaration forms are checked  before children are allowed into the gym.

We appreciate the situation and concern that any parent would have, which is why we have introduced all these new processes and precautionary measures across both of our locations.

The Yard's Health Check Survey

At The Yard we are always looking to hear from our community and endeavour to provide the best service we can to our Yard families.

As the country manoeuvres the coronavirus and its challenges, we would like to hear from you with regards to the health precautions and checks we have implemented for the safeguarding of your children and you. 

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