New Member FAQs

Here's some frequently asked questions about our brand new term.

I want to sign up for gymnastics. Can I join anytime?

Yes, bookings are open continuously and your course fee will be prorated depending on your start date. However since we run structured classes where we follow set lesson plans, work towards pre-allocated events and complete assessments only on certain weeks we strongly advise our customers to join at the beginning of each term. This will allow your child to maximise performance and to be included in all our events. Please note, bookings are subject to availability as we operate on a strict 1:8 ratio (1 coach:8 children) - 1:6 ratio for KinderTots - and we are unable to exceed our classes.

How do I sign up?

Please visit our website: You will need to create a new account to be registered on our online home portal: “iClassPro”. After registration you are able to manage your bookings, view your child’s assessment results, book trials, make up classes, holiday camps and much more online in your own time. We charge a one off life-time registration fee of $60.00.

Do you charge registration fee?

Yes. We charge a one off life-time registration fee of $60.00. This amount must be paid at the time of your first registration only. This fee is non-refundable and you are not able to offset it against any course booking.

Can I register for a specific time?

Yes, you are able to register for your preferred days and time through our online home portal, iClassPro. Please note, spaces are subject to availability. We operate with a 1:6 ratio for our kinder tots classes and 1:8 ratio for all other classes. We are unable to exceed the ratio as we are here to provide high quality and productive classes. Should your preferred class be full, not to worry! Please register for our waiting list and we shall notify you as soon as we can offer you a space. In the meantime, you are welcome to register for alternative days so your child can start gymnastics sessions with us as soon as you wish.

Will there be options for different days/times? I feel you offer limited options.

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My child has done Gymnastics before... Can they join your classes?

We welcome both beginners and children who have done gymnastics before to our classes. We would recommend that you call our customer service team on +65 9851 3084 (Jurong) and +65 6914 9660 (Dempsey) to discuss availability for a trial lesson. Alternatively you may visit our website and register for our online home portal where you can select your preferred days and times for trials. Children will initially be placed into our first level, FUNdamental classes based on their age, however the coaches will assess them to ensure that they are in the correct class for their ability. 

My child has done gymnastics before, how do you ensure that she/he will not be getting the beginner classes?

We have 4 different ability levels for recreational gymnastics for the age of 5-10 years and 2 ability based levels for the age of 11-16 years. Your child be initially placed on our first level where his/her level will be monitored and may be moved to a higher level class if able to reach the requirements. Should you wish to avoid any waiting time that might be involved and complete an assessment before joining, please express your interest stating your availability by calling our customer service team on +65 9851 3084 (Jurong) and +65 6914 9660 (Dempsey) to discuss availability for an assessment. We will run assessments for new members approximately once a month or once we have a minimum of 4 children interested. Once we confirm the day and time for an assessment, our customer service team will be in touch with you.

Can I sign up for a trial? Competitive or recreational?

Yes. You can register for a recreational gymnastics trial on our online home portal, iClassPro by visiting our website: Please note, spaces are subject to availability. If you are interested to register for higher level recreational or competitive gymnastics trial, please contact our customer service team on +65 9851 3084 (Jurong) and +65 6914 9660 (Dempsey). Alternatively you can email

My child would like to join competitive, how do I go about it?

If you are interested to register for a competitive gymnastics trial, please contact our customer service team on +65 9851 3084 (Jurong) and +65 6914 9660 (Dempsey). Alternatively you can email

Do you offer bus services to your venue after school?

Some of the international and local schools offer bus services to our venues after school. Please contact your schools to find out more information about it.

What is your code of conduct for gymnasts?
  • Do NOT enter the gym unless you have been instructed to do so by coach
  • Remove shoes before entry into gym
  • Treat your coaches and fellow gymnasts with respect
  • Treat the equipment with respect
  • Gymnasts must not use inappropriate language 
  • If you have an accident or illness – you must tell your coach
  • Gymnasts must not eat during a gym session - only still water is permitted
What is your code of conduct for parents?
  • Help your child to recognise good performance, not just results. Help them to enjoy their sport and never force your child to take part
  • Always ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the activity and has plenty to drink
  • Be on time and always collect your child promptly at the end of a session
  • Please do not enter the gym unauthorised – if you wish to talk to the coach please wait until the gymnastics session has finished
  • You must accept the coaches’ judgements, please do not be abusive to the gymnastics coaches
  • Please do not shout from the side of the gym as this will disrupt the gymnastics class
  • Please do not use photography (If you wish to take photos of your child in the gym, you must get prior written consent from the Management)
What is your gym attire?

Gymnasts are expected to attend training in the appropriate attire. Failure to conform will prohibit the individual’s participation.

  • Leotards -  tracksuits or shorts/leggings and t-shirts (not baggy) 
  • No skirts, dresses, jeans, hoodies allowed and avoid zips, buttons and strings
  • Bare feet or gym shoes (socks for trampoline classes)
  • Long hair must be tied up and short hair must be held back from face. Hair in the face blocks field vision and is therefore a safety hazard
  • No jewellery allowed (including stud earrings)
  • Medical or Religious Bracelets: must be sufficiently covered with protective tape, sweatbands or similar
  • Medical or Religious  Necklaces: no athlete can participate whilst wearing necklaces
  • Jewellery that cannot be removed: must be sufficiently covered with protective tape, sweatbands or similar
  • If your child has any transferable skin conditions, e.g. verruca, please cover it with sufficient material (socks) to prevent reinfection and please alert the coaches
Do you have a lateness policy? What if my child is late from class?

Yes. We allow 15 minutes lateness from our classes. Admission after 15 minutes will be denied as gymnasts must complete the compulsory warm up. If denied from entering, you may sign up for a make-up class within that month. Please note, make-up spots are subject to availability.